Semenarna Ljubljana

Upravna stavba Semenarna LjubljanaSemenarna Ljubljana is a seed company, organised according to the European standards that apply for seed companies. We are constantly striving towards improving the quality of the production of food and are together with a wide offer of various products in our own retail sale, as well as in wholesale, taking care of a more quality use of leisure time and a better arrangement of the living environment. The development of the company is based on its own products and services.

The main targets

  • Providing the top quality of seeds.
  • Establishing retail units in Slovenia and abroad.
  • Developing new products and trademarks.
  • Spreading our business to foreign markets.
  • Updating and increasing our own production.
  • Implementing work on varietal selection (breeding) of our own and representational varieties on home and foreign markets.
  • Implementing maintenance selection of the Slovenian landraces.
  • Organising seed production for foreign partners.

Semenarna Ljubljana is the maintainer of 4 fodder plant varieties, 1 oil pumpkin variety, 1 buckwheat variety, 11 beans varieties, 11 lettuce varieties, 7 pepper varieties, 3 corn salad varieties, 3 onions varieties, 3 cabbage varieties, 3 tomato varieties, 2 garlic varieties, 2 turnip varieties, 2 endive varieties, 2 beet varieties, 2 leek varieties and one of each variety of cucumber, carrots, kohlrabi, chicory.

It has taken us almost a century to win the trust of our consumers with the successful seed production of Slovenian and foreign varieties. Our quality offer has been raising the interest of foreign consumers for many decades, and we are one of the best seed-producing organisation in the region and wider.

Already from 1906, Semenarna Ljubljana has been providing seed material (seeds, bulbs and plants for planting) necessary for the cultivation of agricultural and ornamental plants. People have always valued seeds and selected top quality seeds for sowing. Development of science and industry resulted in supplementing the traditional selection of seed-producing plants by the planned cultivation of new varieties by means of crossing, namely selecting maternal and paternal plants and transfer of pollen. Maintenance selection methods for self-pollinated and open-pollinated plants were established, as well as genetic biotechnological methods for the cultivation of new varieties.

Semenarna Ljubljana has great success in producing varieties of Semenarna Ljubljana, as well as Slovenian and local varieties.